The Rental Allowance Program (RAP) provides local governments with grants to subsidize rent for lower income families who are in need of emergency housing. The program aims to get families in short term difficulty back on their feet in the shortest time by providing emergency support.

The RAP is specifically for those who are either homeless or in a situation where there is a danger of becoming so. The housing provided is usually a boarding house, group housing or single rooms with shared or individual facilities, depending on availability. The RAP is in use throughout the U.S. to help those in need.

About the Author:
Josh Duerk is the owner of Duerk & Associates, LLC, Real Estate Development. His company is an active participant in the Rental Allowance Program in Maryland as well as the Housing Choice Voucher Program. He is highly rated as a landlord by his tenants, and takes great professional pride in caring for his investment properties. His success is reflected in a yearly revenue increase of at least 25 percent.