Joshua Duerk is owner and founder of Duerk & Associates Real Estate Development and Duerk & Associates Commercial Bulk Trash Removal in Columbia, Maryland. Having helped increase revenue by 25% annually since beginning the business in 2005, his leadership abilities have helped his companies successfully secure large contracts in their respective industries. Joshua Duerk created these companies from the ground up, taking his visionary business ideas and transforming them into sound realities.

Duerk & Associates Real Estate Development is a member of the Maryland Association of REALTORS? and the prominent National Association of REALTORS?. With a specialized niche in the distressed, pre-foreclosure, and foreclosure residential real estate markets and a focus on cleanup and rehabilitation, they strive to provide affordable community housing for families in Maryland. A proud members of housing subsidy programs, Housing Choice Voucher Program (Section 8, Low Income), and the Rental Allowance Program, Joshua Duerk has a reputation as an excellent proprietor and landlord. Understanding the economy?s downturned real estate industry has been extremely profitable for the company. With the U.S. experiencing high unemployment rates, an astounding increase in home foreclosures, and more people seeking places to rent instead of purchase, Mr. Duerk has created a specialty real estate company that thrives in the current U.S. economy.

Mr. Duerk subscribes to the business ideology that he works with people instead of just ?clients? or ?employees.? Understanding that employees are a company?s greatest asset, he acknowledges his recruits with praise for helping him earn a solid reputation in the local real estate industry. Believing in the sound business principle that it is far more prosperous to retain business than actively pursue acquisitions, Mr. Duerk believes in creating satisfied customers who turn into life-long clients.