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The Rental Allowance Program (RAP) provides local governments with grants to subsidize rent for lower income families who are in need of emergency housing. The program aims to get families in short term difficulty back on their feet in the shortest time by providing emergency support.

The RAP is specifically for those who are either homeless or in a situation where there is a danger of becoming so. The housing provided is usually a boarding house, group housing or single rooms with shared or individual facilities, depending on availability. The RAP is in use throughout the U.S. to help those in need.

About the Author:
Josh Duerk is the owner of Duerk & Associates, LLC, Real Estate Development. His company is an active participant in the Rental Allowance Program in Maryland as well as the Housing Choice Voucher Program. He is highly rated as a landlord by his tenants, and takes great professional pride in caring for his investment properties. His success is reflected in a yearly revenue increase of at least 25 percent.


Question: Where did you begin in creating Duerk & Associates, LLC, Real Estate Development and Trash Removal?

Joshua Duerk: I started with nothing except a vision. That vision led me to develop my company to the successful business it has become.

Question: What would you advise those thinking of founding their own businesses to avoid?

Joshua Duerk: Beware of vanity. Throughout my career I had the privilege of working with numerous people and from personal experience; I would point to this as the most destructive force in the business world.

Question: What would you consider the most important aspect of running a business?

Joshua Duerk: Essentially this comes down to acting ethically and following one’s principles. This includes everything from maintaining fair business practices to recognizing clients as individual people, caring for their needs as much as, or more than, one’s own.

About Joshua Duerk:
Operating Duerk & Associates, LLC, Real Estate Development and Bulk Trash Removal, out of Columbia, Maryland, Joshua Duerk provides his clientele with real estate services such as foreclosure assistance, building rehabilitation, family housing, and clean up. He holds membership in the Maryland Association of Realtors and the National Association of Realtors.

With the steady increase in homelessness in America over the past two decades, the need for housing subsidy programs has become especially resonant. Maryland is no exception—Baltimore-Towson ranked 23rd in a survey of homelessness in America’s highest-populated metro areas. Fortunately, there are programs in existence that can help.

The federal government’s Housing Choice Voucher Program (Section 8) offers financial assistance in the form of vouchers to very low-income families and individuals, the disabled, and the elderly to help cover housing costs.

Another program, the state of Maryland’s Rental Allowance Program, provides grants to local governments, who then subsidize low-income or homeless individuals’ and families’ housing needs.

Baltimore-based Alliance, Inc. offers help to veterans who are either homeless or near homelessness by providing access to housing resources and financial assistance for permanent housing.

Though there are many helpful organizations, perhaps most important in the fight against homelessness is ensuring the availability of low-cost housing.

About the Author:
The owner of the Columbia, MD-based company Duerk & Associates Real Estate Development, Joshua Duerk, also known as Josh Duerk, is committed to providing affordable housing for families and actively participates in federal and state subsidy programs.

Real estate agents buy and sell property on behalf of their clientele. Real estate agents, also known as realtors, are licensed professionals who typically possess either a degree in real estate or years of formal job training. After passing an examination to verify his or her proficiency in the field, a real estate agent may take a position with an agency, or start his or her own private business. Due to the complicated laws governing real estate transactions, individuals looking to purchase or sell property often find that hiring a qualified realtor can make the process much easier.

Many real estate agents develop contacts in other areas of the industry, maintaining relationships with home assessors, bank managers, lenders, and mortgage brokers. A real estate agent may have their clients meet with one of these individuals to discuss his or her financial assets and to confirm what the client can reasonably afford. Most realtors are paid through commission, and specialists can be found for each type of property.


Joshua Duerk has served as Chief Executive Officer of Duerk & Associates, LLC, since 2005. Located in Columbia, Maryland, Duerk oversees all aspects of the company’s operation and works with commercial real estate owners.