Question: Where did you begin in creating Duerk & Associates, LLC, Real Estate Development and Trash Removal?

Joshua Duerk: I started with nothing except a vision. That vision led me to develop my company to the successful business it has become.

Question: What would you advise those thinking of founding their own businesses to avoid?

Joshua Duerk: Beware of vanity. Throughout my career I had the privilege of working with numerous people and from personal experience; I would point to this as the most destructive force in the business world.

Question: What would you consider the most important aspect of running a business?

Joshua Duerk: Essentially this comes down to acting ethically and following one’s principles. This includes everything from maintaining fair business practices to recognizing clients as individual people, caring for their needs as much as, or more than, one’s own.

About Joshua Duerk:
Operating Duerk & Associates, LLC, Real Estate Development and Bulk Trash Removal, out of Columbia, Maryland, Joshua Duerk provides his clientele with real estate services such as foreclosure assistance, building rehabilitation, family housing, and clean up. He holds membership in the Maryland Association of Realtors and the National Association of Realtors.